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  •  Our tours and visits are informal and relaxed and are tailored to suit your level of interest, including those new to the flavours of Cognac and the process of making it.  If tasting is not for you, discover and enjoy the different aromas of the various Cognac  All our itineraries are arranged and booked on an individual basis, so feel free to request a long lunch period if you wish. We do not run a daily rolling programme with set programmes, tour times or rendez-vous points, so you will not be sharing transport with other visitors. Tours are primarily conducted in English. Our tours are for those over 18 years of age.
  • The main tour season begins April 1st and continues until 31st October. We will conduct some tours during November, January, February and March to those Cognac producers who welcome visitors out of season but please note we do not provide tours on Sundays out of season and venue options are limited on Saturdays during this period. Please contact us with your request and dates.
  • Enquiries and bookings during office hours anytime of year, and emails are constantly monitored. We use central European time.
  • National Holidays in France 2018: January 1st, April 2nd, May 1st, May 8th, May 10th, May 21st, July 14th, August 15th, November 1st, November 11th & December 25th.
  • Tastings are for those of 18 years and older.
  •  All tours, visits and offers are subject to availability. Booking in Advance only. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Discover the Journey of Cognac
The Vineyards, the Grapes made into Wine, the Wine distilled to Eau de Vie and the silent ageing of
Eau de Vie to become Cognac
An Enthusiastic Welcome Awaits You !


  • 09h30-10h00 Collection from Angouleme or Cognac railway station or your Hotel in the Cognac region. For train reservations
  • BEHIND THE SCENES - Time to discover what is involved in producing Cognac from the grape vine to the bottle, taste and enjoy excellent Cognacs of various ages at independent producers and suppliers of excellent quality Cognac.
  • Taste and Discover Pineau des Charentes served chilled as an aperitif or enjoyed paired with dishes throughout your meal.
  • Opportunity to purchase products direct from the producer but there is no obligation to do so
  • Lunch period in Jarnac or Cognac
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of the area from one of the tables of orientation
  • Option of visit with tasting at one of the famous Cognac houses of your choice


Cruise Passengers - Let us know the date and your time available whilst in Port and we will tailor make a tour for you. Remember you need to book in advance as enquiries for these tours start early in the year!

Discover not only Cognac but also Pineau & Wine

Weekdays during July & August 

In the Cognac Area with 4 hours to spare? THEN LET'S GO!

Experience the flavours of Cognac, Pineau & Wine from the Charente

Come with us to the heart of the Cognac producing region for visit & tasting

Discover how Cognac and Pineau are made.

Bring your own picnic or we will stop whilst you make some picnic purchases.

We'll drive to a tranquil location riverside or amid the vines and provide a tasting of Pineau & wine from the Charente. 

 Monday-Friday during July & August only.

10h00 - 14h00  OR  12h00 - 16h00

Booking in Advance Essential

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Barrels for the Wine & Cognac Industry Handmade
A visit to a tonnellerie (barrel maker) is a fascinating process to watch. If you are interested, just request it is included in your itinerary

Charente Maritime


A day to discover part of the coastal area of the region

Visit one of the beautiful quaint coastal villages

Enjoy French cuisine of your choice

Visit the vineyards and taste the Cognac and Pineau of the Charente Maritime